Isn’t that the day of … chart
No I cannot say that it came completely unexpected, this call. It was B.
What was going on, he asked.
And I said, B. !, long time no hear.
And he said, well, you know, Pirates, Vampires, I’ve been busy. But what’s going on ? I just checked your stats, and while I was under the impression that I was on a secure 5th place, I suddenly see I got overhauled by some-other-actor.
And I said, *cough*, uhm, well, *cough*, uhm, I got carried away a bit.
But you know you are number one, always, don’t doubt that.

He mumbled a bit. And asked me if I knew that, although living in London, mr. Spacey wasn’t even an englishman ?
And I said yes, I know that, don’t worry about it, it doesn’t mean anything!

And he said, well all right then.
So – I got you a jobinterview.
And I nearly choked in my tea. Jobinterview I stumbled, what do you mean ? I …
Yes, 14th of February, in North London. Be there.
And I said – oh – I don’t know what to say. Thank …
And he said – don’t mention it.

And I said the 14th of February. Isn’t. That. The. Day. Of. Love. Actually.

But he was already gone.


  1. Ronald · 24-01-2006

    It is, isn’t it?

  2. Ingrid · 24-01-2006

    It is. And the jobinterview is real.

  3. Anne · 24-01-2006

    Must be love ;-)

  4. Dan · 24-01-2006

    Try listening to the swedish rockers Opeth, they are my favorite band at the moment, I think they will be something for you Ingrid ;)

  5. Ingrid · 24-01-2006

    Well you should never judge a book by the cover, but I just knew they were headbangers just by looking at them. Very funny Dan … :-)
    There is only one rocker for me, and his name is Billy Mack.

  6. Ronald · 25-01-2006

    You could try Damnation by Opeth, which is no headbangingmusic at all. You would be surprised…

  7. George · 25-01-2006

    You and I. We will never be friends. Music-wise, that is :)

  8. Ingrid · 25-01-2006

    I was waiting for a comment like that from you George. I am cured from Coldplay fever though. But now it’s Cullum and Spacey in stead. Which is quite well-timed, as I am going to see him (Jamie) in ?rhus next monday. But my music taste is changing, am I getting older after all ? :-)

  9. Ronald · 25-01-2006

    So you want poppie jazz? Herman Brood made an excellent album :-)

  10. Ingrid · 25-01-2006

    No this is just a period I am in. I get obsessed with some music, play it really much in a short period, get tired of it, and move on to the next. The really good ones I never get tired of, will stay though. :-)

  11. George · 25-01-2006

    Dropping Coldplay in favour of that winer Cullum doesn’t help even a tiny little bit :)

    And I am glad I react just the way people expect me to :)

  12. Ingrid · 25-01-2006

    @George – you are so hard to please !! But I get bonuspoints for having Billy Mack on 6 don’t I ? :-)