Forty two – a poem

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Suppose that you
could make a wish
No limits drawn
Just accomplish

the thing you want the most

I know
what I
would like to do
How many kisses ?

Forty two

7 thoughts on “Forty two – a poem

  1. Jan

    Are we in love? Or has spring simply rearranged your hormonal household?

    The level of dopamine emmenating from these pages has risen dramatically.. what’s his name? Is there a photo? And what about 43? What comes then?

    Not that I’m noosy or even curious…

  2. Ingrid

    @yak: me too :-) (very cool by the way !!)

    @Jan: I’m in London, what do you expect ? Of course we are in love. :-)
    His name ? His name isn’t important …

  3. Liza

    Oh, I really loved that poem. Did you wrote it yourself? If you did, you’re great!

  4. Ingrid

    I really did write that poem my self yes. I wouldn’t say I am great at it, but sometimes they just come to me, the poems. And who am I to say no to them :-)