Forty two – a poem

Forty two – a poem


  1. Anne · 19-04-2006 a good start ;-)

  2. Jan · 20-04-2006

    Are we in love? Or has spring simply rearranged your hormonal household?

    The level of dopamine emmenating from these pages has risen dramatically.. what’s his name? Is there a photo? And what about 43? What comes then?

    Not that I’m noosy or even curious…

  3. yak · 20-04-2006

    This reminds me of a CD ;-)

    And @Jan: I hope you’ll never be noosy

  4. Ingrid · 20-04-2006

    @yak: me too :-) (very cool by the way !!)

    @Jan: I’m in London, what do you expect ? Of course we are in love. :-)
    His name ? His name isn’t important …

  5. Woordenaar · 20-04-2006

    His name is alive!

  6. Liza · 04-04-2007

    Oh, I really loved that poem. Did you wrote it yourself? If you did, you’re great!

  7. Ingrid · 04-04-2007

    I really did write that poem my self yes. I wouldn’t say I am great at it, but sometimes they just come to me, the poems. And who am I to say no to them :-)