The Girl came home

The Girl came home

The Girls in the Cafes
The Girls in the Cafes

I admit that it is a bit crowded in my room at the moment, with all The Girls. But how cool to come home from work, and to find The Girl number 3 in my mailbox. This postcard was the very first drawing I made, a sleepless night in January. And so many good things have happened since then.
I redid the card for the postcard version, and this card is definetely one of my personal favorites.

(A BIG thank you to Gocard for sending these postcards all the way to London).

Minor update Oh I forgot to say that I actually sold my flat in Denmark this week. Which makes a very nice connection to the sleepless night in January, as I had just started selling my flat there. It has taken a long time, but nevertheless, things are going as planned. And the girl is home. In London.


  1. Anne · 22-04-2006

    YES! If you want to send one…you know my address ;-)

  2. Ingrid · 22-04-2006

    Well minor update to the post I meant, Major update for me of course !! :-)

  3. karin · 23-04-2006

    Nu in London? Wanneer Holland? :-)

  4. karin · 23-04-2006

    Oops, I forgot to speak English!
    Now London? When to Holland?

  5. Ingrid · 24-04-2006

    Uhm very little chance, I’m afraid ! :-)