How Bill became Davy in 3 steps

From Bill Nighy to Davy Jones

This is not a ramble about Bill Nighy, or maybe it is, or maybe not quite.
I was so amazed to see those pictures (they got send to me and I simply had to put them up) that it is worth a post.

And since I am warning you in advance, you can’t really complain, now can you. You can just ignore the rest of the post you know, no one is forcing you to read it all. So – what’s it gonna be …

How cool that Disney is releasing these pictures to the public. Here are some pictures showing how they transferred a handsome actor into a handsome pirate.

1. Take the handsome actor, put him in ridiculous computer pyamas with white dots on them, paint silly white dots on his face too, and give him a little bit of makeup so he looks really, uhm, funky.

2. Find a very talented graphical designer to draw Davy.

3. Add 1 + 2 together and there he is – my lovely pirate.

I put the real pictures over at Bill’s, not too mess it up too much over here, and there are also 3 pictures of Bill transforming from Bill into Davy playing the organ. Say about the film what you want, this is really very impressive CGI work.

If you want to see the rest of the pictures, go see Bill. It’s worth it.

(Anyone seen the film yet, or am I the only one here?).

Owww, nearly forgot, Jane messaged me with the following important message for Dutch readers:

Saturday – at 22.35 – Nederland 3 – The Girl In The Cafe – on your tv.

(Any people indeed watching it and wanting to be removed from the DVD on tour list, send me a mail).

(Anyone having the Mikro Gids and wanting to send me a scan of the Bill Nighy article in it (in relation to the film) is my hero, and I’ll take you for a cup of tea in The Cafe if you do.).