You regret what you don’t do

So on Trafalgar Square I looked up at Nelson, to call down Davy first of all, as they seem to hang around all the time. Understandable, as Nelson is a sea man too, and he even has sailed the Caribbean Sea too, so lots of men talk going on up there. But I also needed Nelsons opinion. I got that, he blinked and nodded.
And when coming home I told Davy about my plans, and he said “Of course you are going to do that, I’ll help you.”
“You think it is going to work ?”
I don’t know, but you have to give it a shot, and see where it ends. What was that saying

“100 percent of the shots you don’t take don’t go in.” ”

And he was right, again. the worst that can happen is that I miss a shot, and that won’t be a disaster.

You don’t regret what you do
You regret what you don’t do

Garbo – Regrets

So I am going to do it, with a major dose of passion. I’ll let you know if I miss or not.


  1. pauldwaite · 05-09-2006

    > “I am going to do it, with a major dose of passion”

    That’s definitely the spirit. Like Yoda said, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

    You are doing, with gusto. The only way worthwhile.

  2. yak · 06-09-2006

    The only way you get to do things, is by doing them.
    The only one who can change things is you!

  3. Annerie · 06-09-2006

    Eva Gabor said in bad bad bad movie “The Princess Academy”:
    ‘Never regrret vat you do do in life”
    “Only regrret vat you didn’t” ;o)

    You are the hold your nose and jump in the deep water girl. Go jump !!!!!

  4. bloglily · 06-09-2006

    This is why I love to come over here — I find out how Nelson’s doing and am inspired to get on with the things I want to do. xxoo, BL