Where the heck is the DVD?

Lawrence (Bill Nighy), at the G8 in the Girl In The Cafe
Lawrence (Bill Nighy), at the G8 in the Girl In The Cafe

A short update for the people on the list on the whereabouts of the Girl DVD.

One DVD is in Denmark, but after he did write a review I never heard from the person again, so I hope he is alright. Since this has been quite a while ago, I have decided to send the DVD to the next person myself. That has been done yesterday, so hopefully the girl will arrive in Aarhus shortly, before she takes off to Australia, and after that to the USA. At last, I know people over there are waiting for her !

The other girl is currently staying in Belgium, she is very fine, and will be travelling back to Holland one of these days.

So the project is still very alive, and to the people waiting on the list, please be patient, she is on her way!

Want to join the project ? Just step over here, and go for it.


  1. bloglily · 19-09-2006

    Oh, I’m here! But I’m not impatient. I’m looking forward to its arrival. xo, BL

  2. Woordenaar · 22-09-2006

    The girl missing in action, again?

  3. Ingrid · 22-09-2006

    Yes it’s unbelievable, people don’t seem to keep their promises. But I recreated her.

  4. Jaime Sanchez · 25-09-2006

    Well……what I can I do?? Shall I get a copy of TGITC and send it on???
    Please advise and will do so straight away…!!!!


  5. Ingrid · 26-09-2006

    Jaime – everything is under control, thanks. :-)