and so the feeling grows


If I told you that I spent at least 3 hours totally in a shop to find the perfect travel notebook, would you think I was crazy?

If so, I am not going to tell you.
Oh, you already thought I was crazy anyway.
OK then, I spent at least 3 hours to find the right notebook.

It’s not that they don’t have loads of notebooks in Paperchase, it’s just that I become a freak when it comes to buying a notebook. The colour needs to please my eye, the lining on the paper needs to have the perfect distance and the paper needs to be friendly and inviting to write on. Not an easy task, but I found the lucky one that will travel with me.

I also know how to get to Heathrow. I have my Oystercard in order for the rest of the year. I can’t eat much at the moment so a prefect way to lose some weight, as cheese cakes seem to be good in New York. I need to decide if I take my laptop or not and I need to try to catch a bit more sleep than I have done the last few nights, otherwise I will be completely knackered before I have even set foot on the airport. Where are those sheep when you need them?

I am going to post my Xmas cards tomorrow. 20 giggling and loud girls are eager to go travelling from a beautiful red UK mailbox to a mailbox in a door near you, if you are one of the 20. It will be nice and quiet when they are gone, they make a lot of noise, and they tend to escape all the time. Yesterday I spotted one sitting on a man’s shoulder! A handsome man, true, but they are totally uncontrollable. So yes they are a bit late, and I am a bit late, and I have no excuse.

Or I do : I am nervous. I am exited. I am nervous. I am exited. There, that’s 4 excuses.
I have an attention span of about 0.42 seconds at the moment, which is handy when you need to finish loads of stuff at work before Christmas. And there are phone calls with considerate customers. One of them is an older man, sometimes I suspect him calling us just to have a chat. He normally calls once a week but always on the most busy moments when no one has time for him. He is a very friendly and considerate person, I have never seen him, only spoken to him. These days, with an attention span like this, phone calls like his is what I am incredibly good at. Especially when we change subject to New York.

Christmas in New York? Oh cracking. Who are you going with?
Ehrm, well … And I decided that explaining my relation with Davy to him would confuse things a bit. So …
Alone? he says in big amazement.
Well, yeah.
Wow. What area are you staying? Not in a dangerous area are you? Will you be careful there? It’s a big city!
I know, I know, I will be careful. I have a pira…. I will be fine, really!
Pfew, how can you go to New York alone? He sounded like a concerned father. And I have to admit that I like that about him.

To answer his question:
You need to be a little crazy in your head, you need to trust that things will be OK, and you plan some things over there that are going to rock your world so you have something big to look forward to.
It’s easy really. You see?

5 days until departure. 7 days until the Vertical Hour.
And so the feeling grows.