Step inside my Trans Mongolian train

If you want to get an impression of what my train castle looked like, please step inside.

This was our sleeping compartment. This picture is taken towards the window. You can see the 2 blue beds on the lower level, in day time we used those as sofa’s to sit, hang, lay, read, write and eat on. In the night time my room mate made the climb to our first floor, where there are 2 more beds. I stayed on this floor and turned the right sofa into my bed. On the right : Parade’s End, which was tougher to read than I thought, but I managed to read most of it.

A little bit closer look. On the right there was the volume loud speaker turning wheel. We had no idea what that was for, until we one morning woke up with beautiful Chinese music blasting the sleep out of our ears. That was Lee, our carriage attendantr who loved music and wanted to share it. There are reading lights above every bed, and we never ever found out what the switch on the left (above the reading light) was for. On the table a small collection of eatables. And the inscription on the mug :
I can resist everything except temptation – Oscar Wilde

which I thought was a rather appropriate quote, as I can resist everything except temptation.

It wasn’t my mug, I had forgotten to take a mug with me and lend a disposable green plastic cup from a friendly neighbour Brit. It has survived the whole trip.

The corridor at a quiet time of the day. This was a nice place to hang around and talk to fellow train travellers. Or just to stretch your legs a bit and watch the world go by from the other side of the train.

The most important part of our wagon. The hot water machine! I know that it looks like something created by Gyro Gearloose, the famous inventor and friend of Donald Duck, but it worked wonders, and was a vital part of our trip as it delivered the hot water for our Yorkshire tea!

And believe it or not this ingenious water cooker wonder got powered by this! Coal got loaded on the train on regular intervals to give us hot water and heating in our compartments.

A picture taken with my back to the window.

And a view of the snow white emptiness of Siberia. Not bad eh, to lay on your personal blue sofa looking out of the window.

Update: Here is the train that pulled us