Oh Edinburgh

In case you were wondering why it is so quiet over here – well I am in the process of falling in love with Edinburgh. I’ll be back in London tomorrow with more about this lovely city, men in kilts, taxi drivers which voicilicious accents, lots of pictures, a new addition to my “Bill posters will be prosecuted” collection, and a lost heart.

Oh and I saw Pirates again, just to check if I hadn’t overdone it in my review, but I hadn’t. This is one fantastic Pirate movie.

Jo-ho, jo-ho …


  1. Pedro · 29-05-2007

    Edinburgh? That’s a serious trip from London, even by train. Did you check what they say about men in kilts?

  2. Jill · 29-05-2007

    All that is great news, looking forward to reading more about it :)

  3. Ingrid · 29-05-2007

    @Pedro – it’s 5 hours, which is a walk in the park if you have done the Trans Mongolian :)

    No – what do they say?

  4. Pedro · 29-05-2007

    Well…that they dont have a place to put their wallet.