Yeah OK

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Post No Bils in New York

When trying to sleep last night I was rethinking my previous post and thought – when are you actually gonna grow up (because I really did shout “yes” in the tube and people did look weird at me) .
I couldn’t come up with an answer, I just thought and realized once more that my life wouldn’t be worth living without passion. And yesterday’s post was a passion post.

Today I won’t mention his name I promise, I just want to say one thing.

It’s with 2 L’s.

And he’s dangerous indeed.


6 thoughts on “Yeah OK

  1. Annerie

    Ingrid, please, never grow up !!!
    Grown-ups are tedious and boring. We wouldn’t read your posts if you were constantly reminding us to be well adjusted and use our creativity to clean the house well or something boring like that ;o)))

  2. winter solstice

    I like your passion about the theatre, the cinema, life in London, and yes Bill. There is a difference between growth (which applies to you in reaching for your dreams – film making – and noticing the extraordinary things in life) and growing up, which I think means to stop living. Don’t loose what makes you unique as a person :)

  3. Anna

    grigorisgirl – you’re not the only one. Thank god I’m not really an adult yet ;P

    The picture reminds me of when I was in Amsterdam. They didn’t have “Post no Bills”, no, they had “Stick no Bills”! Too bad I didn’t get a picture but I’m sure you’ve seen them yourself :)

  4. Ingrid

    OK. That’s settled then, no growing up for me.

    @wintersolstice – I like you. I need to do something about refinding my passion for London though, but am already working on it.

    @grigorisgirl – If you haven’t found out yet, then I don’t need to worry either.

    @Anna – I haven’t been in Amsterdam for year, I have seen Stick no Bills posters here in London too though. People are so intolerant towards Bill posters! :-)