The Golden Compass – a review

Daniel Craig  - Lord Asriel - The Golden Compass
Daniel Craig – Lord Asriel – The Golden Compass

Never let a chance of posting a photo of the man with the second most gorgious blue eyes in the world pass.

My thoughts on The Golden Compass are inside.

My expectations were high. I had read the book and I had seen the trailer, and it all looked promising. But it didn’t end up being what I had hoped for.

The good:

The casting. Nicole Kidman (Mrs. Coulter), Daniel Craig (Lord Asriel), Sam Elliot (Lee Scoresby), Dakota Blue Richards (Lyla) are all brilliant for their parts, and their acting is excellent.

The scenery is fan-tas-tic.

The shape shifting deamons are amazing. Mrs. Coulters golden monkey is so creepy.

The ice bears and most scenes in the north (shot in Iceland partly) are awesome. Ian McKellen as the voice of Iorek Byrnison is such a marvellous choice.

But, the bad:
Daniel Craig is only in it for a couple of minutes …

OK, more serious, the worst:
No matter how hard I tried to love the story, despite the fantastic scenes and shots and effects, the story wasn’t engaging me at all. I didn’t feel anything, I wasn’t involved in the characters – at all. And that meant that I walked out of the cinema – quite disappointed.

I just had a talk about this with one of my colleagues, who is a huge fan of the book, and he agrees with me.

What a shame.