But not quite …

But not quite …


  1. kate · 27-02-2008

    no Bill, I’m assuming…

  2. Pedro · 27-02-2008

    Great picture, but a bit shaky. Earthquake…?

  3. Ingrid · 27-02-2008

    @Kate: nope.

    @Pedro: I am very pleased with this shot,

    And earth quake – yes I felt it tonight! I thought I was going crazy when I felt it, but then I heard that there actually had been an earth quake in the UK and it all made sense.
    An earth quake – and I wasn’t even watching a Bill movie! :-)

  4. Joachim · 27-02-2008

    In case it is of any consolation:
    - The BGS said the earthquake’s epicentre could only be located to within about a kilometre, and not pinpointed to an exact street or address.
    bu should we get worried about you?
    - Dr David Kerridge, senior seismologist, said: “Aftershocks are a possibility but we wouldn’t expect anything of the same magnitude.”

  5. Pedro · 27-02-2008

    So normally the earth starts moving when you’re watching a B-movie? I don’t even dare to ask what you do when you’re watching it… :-0

  6. Ingrid · 27-02-2008

    @Pedro – you are bad!

    And hey – B movies rock my world, what more can I say!

  7. Terrier · 09-11-2008

    Hey, very interesting post.

    My written English is not so good so I write in German:

    “Lieber den Spatz in der Hand, als die Taube auf dem Dach.”

    Yours sincerely