A day at a beach without a sea

On the beach - Magrathea

On the beach - Leigh-on-Sea

Love Actually, on the beach

Best Buddies: I follow you anywhere ...

Pictures taken in Leigh-on-Sea. It’s a small town about an hour from London by train but it lacks any reference to big city life, which is rather relaxing.

The only downside was that the tide was low for the time we were there, so not a lot of sea to be seen.

The photos:
1. Or at least that’s what I imagine the beach of Magrathea would look like. I have to check it out soon …
2. It was such a funky cloud in the background.

3. No I didn’t make that myself, I found it and put it on this rock to take a photo. Love is all around, Actually.

4. Those two dogs had a great time at the beach. Best buddies always do.

Extra bonus info: Lawless Heart has been shot quite close to this place.

The larger version of those photos are here, and there is also an extra one of boats.