Daily transport and some fessing

My journey to work

Random things about a randomly picked subject. Today: transport in London. And some fess up Friday too.

  1. I travel the Circle line to work nearly every day. If you hop on at St. James Park at around 8.15 am in the morning and you pick the front carriage, chances for a seat are 88.12%. Just so you know. Sit and read your book. My journey looks like the above drawing. What does yours look like?
  2. I think the Oyster card is a brilliant invention.
  3. My favourite busses are the old route masters, still running on line 9 and 15. I love that you have to enter on the back and that there is no back door. And that you have to pull a cord which rings a bell when you want to get off. And they are just beautiful.
  4. Imagine Bill Nighy doing the announcements on Notting Hill Gate tube station and hear him say things like “Mind the gap”, “Let the passengers off the train first.” or “The next Circle Line train will arrive in 6 minutes”. I would never leave the station.
  5. Passengers enter the Tube system at a rate of 146,000 people an hour. A lot of those passengers are in a really bad mood in the morning.
  6. There are 268 tube stations in London. I have far from been on all of them. After they closed the Cafe, I am not sure I still have a favourite tube station. I like quiet stations, St. James’ Park is not that bad really. It certainly has class and you don’t have to go deep down to get to the platform.
  7. Victoria is the busiest tube station when looking at number of passengers each year: 76 million. Now you understand why I try to avoid taking the tube from there. Luckily I live close to both St. James’ Park and Pimlico station too.
  8. The total lenght of the tube network is 408km. Only 46% of that is in tunnels. That is kind of annoying because that means that people grab their mobile phones and start making loud phone calls in the tube on about 54% of the network.
  9. I have several times seen mice wandering about near the tracks.
  10. I twice had to leave a bus because it broke down. I once had to leave a tube train because it broke down (luckily it was at a station!).
  11. I have often considered doing a complete circle in the Circle Line, just for fun. I might actually just go and do it, after the summer, when the evenings get dark again.
  12. The fessing part: I have not written anything substantial. I am even struggling to keep this blog updated regularly. I hope this phase (as in “where did all the inspiration go?”) passes because I am pretty tired of it.

OK, now show me your journey to work!