It’s called Groovy

It’s called Groovy

Bill Nighy as Quentin in the Boat that Rocked

Very. Groovy. Indeed.

Update: I reshuffled the design a bit an incorporated the new logo. It’s not completely finished yet but far enough to use it. I have called this design “Quentin” – very appropiate I think.

I am not so sure about the background it seems a bit wild, but for now – wild is good.


  1. Michelle · 30-10-2008

    Sheesh. I knew he had long legs, but this is just incredible. I had to keep scrolling for ages until I finally reached his feet and the title of the film! :D
    I can understand your infatuation with the poster though. Bill looks awesome!

  2. thegirlinthecafe · 30-10-2008

    I know, there are at least 642 pixel length of legs going on in that photo there :) Very groovy!

  3. Lisa Alber · 31-10-2008

    Man, I love that guy!

  4. Smile · 31-10-2008

    I like the coffee cup and hearts design best. Better than the new logo. May I say so?

  5. grigorisgirl · 01-11-2008

    Somethig to look forward to! He looks different there, must be the hair (I’m getting a Niles form Frasier vibe!)