SweetArts: Crashed and flat on the face

It's supposed to be hard

This is not going to be my favourite post ever, on the contrary I would imagine. But while things were really taking shape with SweetArts (my short film) I got an email on Saturday morning from my producer telling me that she was starting another job this Monday. Not the best way to start the weekend.

I can write a long story about how she had promised me yada-yada-yada but I won’t. The situation is this: I lost my producer, again, and with her I lost a long list of potential crew members, my DoP and some really great locations for my film. Needless to say that I am very frustrated and sad about this but it seems like 2008 is not the right year for my film.

I also like to think that things happen for a reason and that somehow this will turn out for the better – even though it seems a far stretch to imagine just that at the moment.

In stead of rushing myself into stress trying to find a new producer right now, I have decided to take a break from it. Also because I am sick and tired of it at the moment and I don’t want to think about it for a while. I will pick things up again in the spring of 2009, I need some time away from it and also – the weather and light in the spring will be much better for my film. And honestly, with six Bill films in the cinema in 2009 – how can it not be a great and inspiration filled year.

I now suddenly have 8 days of holidays on my hands, I feel like going to a place with some sun where I can get over the disappointment and where I can recharge my batteries for the next round of SweetArts.

And yes I was in such a bad mood on Saturday that I skipped my TV-2 concert. I recall finding myself in the cinema watching High School Musical in stead. I know, it’s too embarrassing for words but blame it on the temporary loss of mind I had.

Giving up is not an option though and I try hard to hold on to the above quote.

Update: Just got an email from Sony (camera department), while I thought I had lost them too, they are incredibly understanding and supportive and there still is a good chance to cooperate with them on this in some way. That brightens my day a little.