Snow in the Netherlands

We are experiencing a real winter at the moment with snow and frost during the day time. The birds are having hard time so they are regular visitors in the garden.

Winter - December 2010

How’s the snow situation where you are?

(Oh an hi – I hope you are all well!)

4 thoughts on “Snow in the Netherlands”

  1. Yes, everything is fine over here. Just a bit snowy :-)

    I feel a bit sorry for those poor sparrows, but it looks like they get enough food from you (and your mum).

  2. We had about nine inches but this morning it warmed up and rained which helped clear the roads. Had to work tonight but coming home it was 3 degrees C so not slippy.
    Lovely pix

  3. Snow situation: Currently 4 cm (on our balcony). There was more the other day.

    And, yes, everything’s fine over here.

  4. I was lucky to take a picture of Picus viridis poking in the snow in our backyard last sunday afternoon.
    Nichts unterbricht das Schweigen
    Der Wildnis weit und breit,
    Als wenn auf dürren Zweigen
    Ein Grünspecht hackt und schreit,
    Ein Rab’ auf hoher Spitze
    Bemooster Tannen krächzt,
    Und in der Felsenritze
    Ein Ringeltäubchen ächzt.

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