Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2010 was the year where I

  • left the UK to return to the Netherlands
    (I haven’t regret it a single second, I am happy to be home again)
  • bought my own place
    (It needs a little bit of painting and I need to install a laminate floor in two rooms, but apart from that it is a great place with a nice view near a small river. I have the keys and will spent the next couple of weekends moving in.)

In 2011 I intend to:

  • Rediscover my home country.
    I feel like a tourist having been away for 15 years, and there are many places I have never seen in the Netherlands.
  • Enjoy living in my new apartment
  • Rebuilt a social life in the Netherlands
  • Be happier in my job (I will start a new one the 1st of February)
  • Get a little car so it will be easier to get around and go and see things
  • Travel
  • Find happiness and peace of mind
  • Blog a bit more

What are your plans for 2011?

I wish you all a fantastic, healthy, joyful and happy 2011!