Oh, fuck, wank, bugger, shitting arse head and hole

No hats no boots
Well I got the hat and the boots, so bring it on.

Writing yesterdays post didn’t take me a lot of time. When there is (Pirate in this case) passion involved, words come easily and posts get long. Most of the time, when I read it back the next day, I feel I have written something completely ridiculous, and I feel the urge to remove it again. Weird enough those posts often get a lot of comments, so I guess I should stop worrying.

And I am afraid this is a long post again »

But I just can’t seem to get enough of

There are many transport possibilities to get to my new office, and I have been trying a few of them already this week. There are people who want to get home after work as soon as possible, and there are people who actually enjoy taking buses they’ve never taken before crossing through areas in London that were still undiscovered. It’s a great way to get to know the city.
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How life has subtly changed

2 weeks ago OLE meant :
Object Linking and Embedding
That’s a boring programmers term, forget about it it’s boring.

From today on it means:

Overhead Line Equipment : Overhead lines or overhead wires are used to transmit electrical energy to trams, trolleybuses or trains at a distance from the energy supply point.

That’s a boring railway term, but it’s just to illustrate that the railway can compete with the IT world when it comes to the number of abbrevations. In that aspect, not much has changed. In other aspects things certainly have. A lot. Which is good.

More notes:

Imagine Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Kenneth Branagh, Stephen Fry and Eddie Izzard in the same film, together with Patrick Wilson, Carice van Houten (she’s Dutch!) and Tom Cruise.
Doesn’t that sound (apart from the Cruiser) too good to be true? It is not : Valkyrie is set to be released somewhere in 2008.

And talking about films, apart from Not here to be loved, here is another French film you absolutely have to see: Tell No One. It’s a fantastic thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first second, and it’s also a story about love. Ah, love – a dreadful bond … (for hose having seen Pirates).
The fact that François Cluzet is utterly charming, handsome and French and has something that reminds me of lot of Ken Stott makes it an even greater pleasure to watch. Catch it if you can.

I like

Cricket in Vincent Square
Cricket in Vincent Square

I like the “don’t squeeze me until I’m yours” sign on … the muffins in a cafe. Makes me want to squeeze them even more.

I like the white uniforms of the cricket players playing the game around the corner where I live.

I like the sharpdressed men walking to work in the morning in their suits … on sneakers.

I like the posh women walking to work in the morning in their suits on … sneakers. I am not making this up, I meet them every day. It must be a transportation thing. Using the underground in London makes you walk, and I guess that poshy shoes are too uncomfortable to walk on if you need to walk long.

I like that they wear sneakers, this means that I somehow fit in, wearing sneakers most of the time myself.

I like the free Observer Book of Film with today’s newspaper. Did you know that both France and Italy produce more films per year than the UK? And that India by far produces most films in the world per year (the US is number 4 on the list, the UK number 11).

I like having seen Pirates for the 6th time today. I like being a cine-maniac.

I like to like things, and I hope to like my new job. I start tomorrow, and yes I am a tad nervous.

What do you like?

Trains and movies and writing

Brief Encounter
Oh, the agony of saying goodbye …

I wish I could write about adventurous stuff I have done today but I haven’t done any! I spent the whole day finishing off my applications. I am going to apply for 2 different schools (betting on 2 horses seems clever). It’s amazing how much paperwork it actually is, apart from all the other stuff you have to deliver (film review, film script, story outline for the film you want to write etc.) I have reread everything several times now, have done a triple spell check and I am going to post it tomorrow. I will personally deliver the one that needs to be in latest on Tuesday, as I don’t want to have my future depending on Royal Mail not delivering on time.
Those days off are taking more energy than a normal day at the office!

So all I can come up with for today is two films with trains in it.
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Not here to be loved

When I woke up this morning I felt very weird. Weird that I didn’t need to go to work, weird wondering what I have done – quitting it, and well, my head is just still a bit confused about what is happening in my life at the moment. It will get better soon I’m sure.

A way to get me out of that kind of state of mind is the cinema, the cinema is my second home. Yes, you probably knew that already.

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I’m learning to fly

Take away love ...

The garbage man joked around and made me smile as one of the first things this day. One of my neighbours was talking to another one without his teeth in, and although I know he is English I couldn’t understand a word he said. I walked my last morning walk to Victoria Station. I decide to take the slow train to East Croydon. I wave goodbye to Anti Beauty, Clapham Junction, Wandworth Common, Balham, Streatham Common, the guy at Thornthon Heath and 100 years of Passion and Pride at Selhurst. I am close to East Croydon, and I will miss my daily train journey enormously.

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Bill Nighy in Tanzania with Oxfam

bill-nighy-in-tanzania-with-oxfamThe BBC has a 3 minute film of Bill Nighy who travelled with Oxfam to Tanzania to see the difference that international aid can make. BBC news has also featured a short clip with Bill, as has the morning Breakfast show on BBC 1.

Heya kids, here’s a very important message from your uncle Bill:

Bill Nighy in Tanzania with Oxfam.

And here is more information, should you want to know more. And you really should.

The G8 wait

And – I love his hat.

The BBC Radio 4 has a very interesting interview with Bill Nighy about his trip to Tanzania with Oxfam where he tells about his experience and his thoughts about how aid really helps. At the other side of the table, so to speak, sits Paul Collier former Director of the World Bank.

Listen to the program here. (it’s the first 10 minutes in the beginning, and available for a week only)

Voicilicious: Bill Nighy and Silksoundbooks

So you feel absolutely knackered with a headache and a soar throat but you don’t want to call in sick in your last week at your current job. You drag yourself to work, and after an hour the fire alarm goes. While enjoying the view from the 18th is great, walking down the stairs from the 18th with jelly legs really is not.

So it’s good there is something to get me going. They could have called it voicilicious.com but they chose silksoundbooks.com in stead. If you like your British classics, and better, if you like British actors with voicilicious voices reading them to you then Silksoundbooks.com is for you.

Edgar Allan Poe – here we go. My iPod is trembling with pleasure.

(If you want to help decide what Bill Nighy is going to read next for Silksoundbooks, read on here)

Yo ho, yo ho

I have nothing much to say just yet. But the week has passed, and that means that he’s back.

I feel like a little girl around Christmas time, overly exited and not grown-up at all. I don’t care what the critics say, I know there will be scenes where I will be glued to the screen indulging every word he says in that voiciliciously Scottish accent.

The question is:

Arrrrrrrre you prepared for what’s next?

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The Drowsy Chaperone – Novello theatre London – review

It might start to sound a bit pathetic now, my “I don’t like musicals” attitude and maybe I should alter it a little bit and say “I don’t like standard 13 in a dozen like musicals”.
I found an email in my inbox last week from a PR man connected to this musical and he made me an offer:
I give you 2 tickets for The Drowsy Chaperone – you write about it on your blog.

Didn’t take me long to decide.
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Let’s do a Dislocation Dance

Dislocation Dance - RosemaryStaring at the blank screen before me, there are a couple of cheap tricks to get around that and post something anyway:

1. post a postcard – yeah but there have been quite a few of them here lately
2. post a pathethic poem – let’s not shall we
3. post a funky song – well …

This one is from 1982, I was 16.

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