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Birthday office

It’s that day of the year again

Yes it is that day of the year again. I always find it a weird day, the day where your age increases with 1. It makes you realise that it is another year gone and also wonder if you spent that year wisely. I am not sure I spent it wisely but I did buy my own place which is nice and I am really enjoying my current job (where I have really nice colleagues as you can see on the photo!). I do sometimes miss London though, the cafes, cinemas and theatre shows and just to live in a place that never sleeps.

Seeing as I now have changed from a big city girl into a house owner with a mortgage living in a small town, I am not sure I have enough interesting things to tell here on this blog. (Hence the lack of updates). But I will let it stay on here for a while to see if any writing inspiration returns at some point.

I have dug up my previous birthdays from my archives, funny to see that they have been spent in different countries and with different state of minds:

  • 2010 – Apparantly I was so depressed about having a birthday that I did not write anything at all!
  • 2009, great quotes for any birthday.
  • 2008, spent having cake and a Knickerbocker Glory in Devon
  • 2007, reading this post back – I have absolutely no idea what I was on about there!
  • 2006, spent in London and a birthday post accompanied with that beautiful poem, I’ll have to dig up that MP3 as the poem being read by Bill Nighy is even better
  • 2005, probably already pondering about leaving Denmark for London
  • 2004, spent in Denmark

My birthday present for this year? It is being broadcasted on Sunday on BBC2, 9pm (BST). Yes, some things never change.

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The power of the iPad: drawing

Last weekend I bought an iPad (2). The iPad is great for a lot of things, but one of them surely is drawing. And then especially drawing for people who aren’t particularly good at it, like me.

Yes I drew the sneaker below, but you could have done the same thing, as it has just been a matter of tracing the lines on a photograph and color them in. (don’t tell anyone that secret though!) I admit you could have done the same thing on a laptop in Photoshop but it is so much easier to just do it on the iPad, not the least because it is instant on and it fits better on your lap.

Anyway, here are a few drawings I made tonight (can you guess what my favourite color is? Yes ok). And I will write a bit more about my experiences with the iPad soon. It’s also a great thing to write blogposts on.


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Bring on the pink paint

Already long before I had my own place to live and long before I moved into my own appartment I knew that one day I would like to paint my front door pink. I got hugely inspired when I saw this photo, I just had to wait until I had my own place (and no landlords prohibiting it) to actually be able do it.

Yesterday was the time.

The pics are not great, but this is the before photo:

En here is the after:

Front door - after

With the first couple of strokes I thought – wow, this is very pink! But now that it is done, I love it. It goes well with the grey and it is much better than the yellow colour it was before. (You can’t see that on the before pic, as it was already grounded with white paint there).

What do you think?

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