What is this?

This is a photo blog, where I, sometimes regularly, and sometimes not so regularly will post some of my pictures.

They aren't neccesarily great pictures. Sometimes I like the motive, sometimes I might like the colour of something, or sometimes a picture just represents a good memory. They are snap shots from my life, and I might even add a bit of text to it.

I also write a weblog, which you can find here : The Girl In The Cafe
and if you feel the urge to contact me, don't hesitate to do so.

Why is it called Postcards from London while I see loads of pictures from other locations?

Oh you mean the pictures from New York and other places. Well, I called it Postcards from London because I live in London. It is no guarantee that all pictures will actually be taken in London. A lot of them will be, but sometimes I am lucky and go on a trip and then other places might end up here as well. New York is a good example of that.

You can browse the the archive for an overview of the pictures in thumbnail format, and filter on category.

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