A Room with a View

I need a room with a view
An armchair by the window
a cup of coffee and a cigarette or two
Watch the sky turn from hazy grey to black
Watch my neighbours go to work
and look exhausted and burned out when they get back
Thinking ’bout you
Thank God for this beautiful view

Beautiful view
you, you, you…
I still love you

I’ve been blind
too blind to tell false from true
I’ve been so busy running
never stopped to think where I was running to
But I’ve learned my lessons
from the tears I’ve had to cry
Sometimes it helps to take your time
to sit alone and watch the world go by
Cause every day it’s new
Thank God for this beautiful view

Every day it’s new
Thank God for this beautiful view
Thank God for this beautiful view

(Tina Dickow)

The 14th of april I will move up there, A Room with a View on the 3th floor in 8000 Aarhus C.

5 thoughts to “A Room with a View”

  1. Sitting at the window staring down
    Listen to the people shuffle around
    Hear the children laughing
    Feel the morning breeze
    Sunlight warms his skin
    The autumn air is taken in
    A nearby bird sings its song for him

    A room with a view
    You’re looking at him
    He’s looking through you
    A room with a view
    Who’s fooling who
    There’s got to be something that he knew

    So there he sits and some may wonder
    About the sly grin on his face
    Yet little do they know
    (they don’t have a clue)
    The boundaries of his wisdom
    In the solitude of his kingdom

    (Death Angel)

  2. Mooi liedje maar zonder die “two cigarettes”dan h? ;-)
    Wordt vast heel leuk daar bij dat raam.

  3. Als je doelt op mijn ietwat hoge frequentie van verhuizen : de Viby verhuizing was een fout. Die fout is bij deze hersteld (in plaats van een paar jaar ergernis). :-)

    Mobile home lijkt me wel wat als vakantievervoermiddel trouwens.

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