WordPress upgrade

Op dit moment wordt dit weblog geupgrade naar de 1.5 versie van WordPress. Onregelmatigheden kunnen daarom voorkomen.

Afgezien van de kale header is Kubrick toch wel een heerlijk overzichtelijk thema …

On-ge-lo-ve-lijk, zo simpel dat ik het zelfs voor elkaar kreeg om mijn oude template weer tevoorschijn te toveren.

Oh, er is een klein probleempje met de commentaar pagina, de box is te breed, en daardoor verschuift de hele bende naar beneden. Wordt z.s.m. opgelost. Opgelost !

7 thoughts to “WordPress upgrade”

  1. Hey, Ingrid now your RSS feed works again. Seems like WordPress know understands ??? :-)

  2. Oh really ? That’s groovy, they probably solved that problem in this new release then.

    So what do you say Jacob, should I consider writing in english again ? I am considering it very seriously.

  3. I understand most of the Dutch you are writing. But I also understand Danish, German and English and for me it seems that Dutch is a mixture of those 3 languages :-)

    Whether you should consider to write in your English blog again it all depends. Do you mostly write for yourself or do you like to have many hits and many comments on your blog. If you are a person that likes to read comments and answer dem I would start to write in English again.

    But it seems like you already have a loyal Dutch readership so you don’t need people from Oslo, ?rhus, Berlin and New York reading your blog. You are already using a lot of time to write in Dutch and answer the comments..

    But if I had the time for it I would also write in English.

  4. Strange I had no problems with the RSS feed at all?! It was working okay and it still is. Isn’t this maybe a RSS reader problem? I use Feedreader (v. 2.90).

  5. Hi, If you’re considering writing in English instead of Dutch I certainly don’t think you should do it, however, if you think about doing both the English and the Dutch it’s an entirely different story. I like to read your blog, and not only because it’s interesting but also because it is in Dutch. I myself am Dansih but have lived a while in Amsterdam and had a Dutch partner for 7 years, so I just think it’s nice to read the Dutch.

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