Notes On A Scandal

Notes On A ScandalSome books you just don’t want to finish, because you weren’t finished with the story and it’s character. One of those books (just read) is Notes On A Scandal bij Zoe Heller.

It’s a story about obsession, loneliness and moral. It’s deliciously written, and you’ve got the feeling that you are minding other people’s businesses where you don’t have any right doing so. Very recommended this book. (Check what others think about it on Amazon)

And oh the book is currently being made into a film , with Cate Blanchett, Judi Dench and oh, look at that, Bill Nighy …

2 thoughts to “Notes On A Scandal”

  1. Ja en Judi Dench maakt de komende film zeker niet minder interessant. Het is echt een lekker boek, maar geen idee of het misschien een typisch vrouwenboek is :-)

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