Ok S? II

Het duurde niet lang of er lag een mail in mijn inbox.


What do you mean the-I-go-to-London-barometer is down a few points ! After this silly musicvideo ? You can’t be serious, that would be too easy. And this S. guy, he isn’t that groovy and he can’t sing, let alone dance. It’s an easy trick, looking in the camera like that, smiling, you know how it is. Even I could do that, no wait, I could do that better.

To get things back on track again I send you this picture. Check my hair and check my suit. Black and white is soooo 80’s.
I would expect the-I-go-to-London-barometer to be up again over 90% very soon.

B. in Underworld : Evolution - premiere in 2006

Oh, and one last thing – did you see my ship ?

Best wishes
PS. I should say hi from Jamie.

92% …

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