King Kong (7/10)

King Kong (2005)
King Kong : Cute monkey

I had no expectations whatsoever for this film. And I didn’t even like LOTR, which wasn’t Peter Jacksons fault, I just thought the books were a bit boring. But having seen the trailers of King Kong, I decided to go and see it.

So here are 5 things about Peter Jackson’s King Kong:

  • This 3 hour adventure should have been cut down to a 2 hour adventure. Now there was this annoying break in the middle, and I can easily pinpoint some scenes who I would not have missed. (F.ex. the creepy bug scenes, a big piece of the sailing trip, and more than half of the Dino scenes. If I wanted Dinosaurs I would have seen Jurassic Park in stead. Even though I have to admit that the dinosaur shots in this film beat those in JP by a mile.
  • Interesting actors in this film : Jack Black (don’t really know what to think of him, he normally plays weirdos, also in this film), Jamie (Billy Elliot) Bell, Adrian Brody, and a man with nice blue eyes, whose name, I found out, is Thomas Kretchmann. IMDB helped me remembering where I had seen him before : he was also in Der Untergang.
  • King Kong is the cutest monkey I have seen in a while, nearly human. The King Kong shots are amazingly fantastic and probably the main reason to see this film. And yes I actually had a kleenex moment, when it got defeated at the end. Just too sad.
  • I nearly got dizzy watching the scenes where King Kong is standing on the very top of the Empire State Building. Yes I am afraid of heights, and it looked so real that I had to look away a few times. Incredible what they can do with computers these days.
  • I would rate it a 7 out of 10. Go see it if you like spectacular films, and monkeys. But do see it in a cinema, with a large screen. Don’t expect an intelligent story, this is pure entertainment.

They were also showing a bit longer trailer for The Da Vinci Code, and have to say that it I now can see Tom Hanks playing Robert Langdon. He actually looked kind of cool with his long hair. Despite book which I found a little bit disappointing in the end, I look forward to this film.

6 thoughts to “King Kong (7/10)”

  1. Het zal wel DVD worden.

    3 uur is lang, te lang vind ik. (een goed verhaal vertel je in anderhalf, maximaal twee uur) Die dino’s zitten ook al in het origineel uit 1933, heb ik mij laten vertellen.

    En the ape tot leven gewekt door Andy Serkis, net als hij eerder deed met Gollum. En dan speelt hij ook nog de kok.

  2. is de seit fanaf nu helemal in het enchels? Of sie ik de flach foor de nederlandce versie of het hooft?

  3. @Jack : Nou als ik jou zo lees nog niet helemaal :-) Ja het zit er wel aan te komen, dat engelse, mijn hoofd is al aan het overschakelen en ik moet oefenen. I’m sorry. Maar er komt af en toe nog wel wat Nederlands tussen door misschien.

    @Ronald – zie dat wist ik niet. De kok – dat was wel een engerd trouwens :-)

  4. Een geintje natuurlijk. Zolang er geen engels voor hoger opgeleien wordt gesproken, kom ik graag van tijd tot tijd voorbij hoppen.

  5. @Yak – volgens mij had jij beter boven kunnen blijven :-)
    @Jack – nu ben ik zelf ook geen hoger opgeleide, dus dat zal wel meevallen. :-)

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