The Life Aquatic

It never ceases to amaze me, how big a disaster area you create by tipping a glass of water on your desk. And all this because my mobile phone started ringing (the vibrating noise still can shock me). Somehow my hand could not pick it up without hitting the glass of water standing on my desk first, and the glass wasn’t even near my phone. Well the wet papers should not be too much of a problem, since most of them won’t have to last more than 2 months. But the really good thing was that I also managed to nearly drown my mobile phone.

The person calling was the real estate woman by the way. I had problems hearing her, it sounded like I was talking to her from the bottom of the sea. But I think she said that she wants to meet me tomorrow, at 14.00.

Is it going to be one of those weeks ? I need my weekly Ricky G. podcast fix now, that will save the day.

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