Point of no return

Right in the Eye
Look into my Eye

Today I signed some very important papers. They are going to sell my flat. “They” are expensive real estate people, and I know I can save some money selling it myself. But I think I have enough things bouncing around in my mind already, so let them handle it. And if they sell it for the price they have given me, I am one lucky potatoe, and they deserve the salary I have to pay them.

So here we go again – full speed ahead into an exiting time, where the question “Will they be able to sell it in 74 days” will pop up regulary. I have decided not to worry about it the next few weeks. Not yet. No use.

There isn’t really a way back now, there is only one direction and that is London. And even though there still is a very long list of things to take care of, I am so looking forward to this adventure. There is no doubt whatsoever left in my mind. I am going to do this.

All this moving is, apart from being a lot of hassle everytime, also bad for my christmascards. I have only received 2 until now, and I am afraid that others are arriving at wrong addresses. But hey, you can’t have it all.

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