I play airguitar in a band

I play airguitar in a band

Ok the plan was this :
The Real Estate people now have a key to my flat. Which means that soon they will invade it, with potential buyers. At least that is the plan. Since my flat is in a permanent status of CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrom) – and looks like a place having survived a nearby bombexplosion – I need to cleanup. Again. Also because the photographer is coming soon, and I wouldn’t want to have warzone like pictures on the internet. Not good for potential buyers attraction.

And so I need to do something about that. And that something should be this evening. I started early and while cleaning up, I would rip some of my music cd’s to MP3’s so I can get rid of some of my old cd’s too. Ofcourse this went wrong already after the first cd. I was transferred back to the 80’s, in an improbable way, immediately. And just to give you an idea I suddenly heard:

Extreme – Hole Hearted (much better than More Than Words – do not play this song – singalong risk : High – Have to dance risk : High)
Little Angels – Womankind (Singalong risk : High)
Living Colour – Love Rears it’s Ugly Head (Airguitar risk : Extreme – Singalong risk: Extreme – Have to dance : Extreme)
Ozzy Osbourne – No More Tears (Headbangdanger – High ! Ozzy actually made one cool song)
Matt Bianco – Whose Side Are You On (most of the cd has an Airpiano Risk : Extremely High – Singalong risk : Extreme – Have to dance risk : Extremely High)

And those were only the first three cd’s, there are tons of cd’s left to rip.

A lot of boogie is going on here at the moment, but it has nothing to do with cleaning. So here is another lesson for all you wannabe cleaners out there (and it’s not even from your uncle Billy) :
Do not play cd’s you haven’t heard for years when you are supposed to be cleaning up.

I truly believe I will be an expert eventually.

2 thoughts to “I play airguitar in a band”

  1. But, but, cleaning out to music is the best way to do it, isn’t it? And Matt Bianco makes throwing out stuff so easy! You can do it with a bravado that will make your neighbours shiver whith awe. And lo, years after you’ve left to London they’ll be talking about ‘the girl that cleaned out her flat to Matt Bianco’.

  2. Well to make it worse, I hear the music through my headphones, which are, uhm connected to my laptop. So it is a bit limited, the area I can reach that way :-)

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