XMAS the afterparty

All the things I left behind so I could take care of them “after christmas”, well they were welcoming me home today. Next year we try another approach. I’ll book the nissar (what?).

I would rather have been welcomed by the stack of DVD’s I ordered “before christmas” and the enormous pile of missing christmas cards. But none of that had arrived. Yet. (hopefully) The DVD’s better be there before New Year, otherwise it is going to be a pretty boring weekend.

The biggest shocker was probably to see that the number of days, which before Xmas was safely above 70, suddenly had fallen down to 67. How did that happen ? That is only about 1608 hours ! And if I am supposed to catch some sleep too, if at all possible, there are only 1072 hours left. That sounds pretty scary. Even to me.

The barbie-doll-lookalike-incheck-desk-women on Schiphol (where?) were all in a very bad mood today. I know that, because there was something wrong with my ticket, and they were forced to do a little bit extra work to get that problem solved. That little extra work required them to use their head (which they either didn’t have or had left at home), and you should have heard them. They tried to make me feel like I should be forever grateful that I was allowed to fly home, at all. They didn’t succeed.

It’s the 27th and my diary for 2005 (the uncensored full length paper version) is completely full. What to do about that ? 4 days in the 2006 one ? Glueing 4 extra pages in the old one ? Not doing anything worthwhile writing about for 4 days ? I could call Mark Darcy (who?) – so he could buy me a new one ?

The tower was beautiful again, and there was snow both in Amsterdam, and in Århus.

What a crap piece of writing. But it was either this, or a pathetic poem. I decided to save the poem for later.

Did you have a nice christmas ?

6 thoughts to “XMAS the afterparty”

  1. Hey Girl !

    Christmas was fab. Spent it from the 23rd through 27th (today) in ?rhus with friends and family. Now it’s time for a few days of work before heading off to Luxembourg for new years. There’s still a bit of snow in Amsterdam and it’s COLD !


  2. After black christmas on sunday I had a lazy second christmasday. And today I saw some horseriding motorcycle maniacs from sweden at the circus.
    About the diary: you could do some wordloging :-)

  3. If that picture is anywhere near where you stayed, compared to our usual geographical distance, I live just around block.

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