A year in 25 words – the mayfly project

Can you sum up your 2005 in just twenty-four words?

I could, and this might be a temp solution for my out of diary space problem.

(Here are mine in slightly modified version – 24 words which sum up my 2005:
Greenland. The Girl In The Cafe. Bill. Awakened. Decision. Lost. Found. Heart. London. Kevin. Move. Dreams. Dare. Hope. And met some really good people. )

It is actually quite inspiring to read what people wrote. And it could be fun to sum up plans for 2006 the same way.

Inspiration for this came from the best brief biography they had ever heard, the one of a Mayfly (Ephemeroptera), which lives for just twenty-four hours:
“Born. Eat. Shag. Die.”

What a life.

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