New Years Eve in Denmark


My first New Years Eve in Denmark (after 9 years), and the last one too I dare say. And yes I miss the oliebollen (raisin-filled dough balls traditionally eaten around the New Year celebrations by the Dutch), a lot, and not the least the appelflappen which are my personal favourites. And I miss Youp on tv, but who cares if you can watch Yak in stead.

Apart from that I invited 2 men over, I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t be here before New Years Eve, but they made it. Colonel Osbourne arrived yesterday, he was delayed a bit, with all the snow in Denmark he had some trouble getting here. But he is here now, and he is just as charming as I’d expected, very good company indeed. And very well dressed too. A witty man with style, I knew he was right, and so did he. And I invited the Earl of Clincham, he arrived this morning, even more delayed, but better late than never I told him. He is very charming too, and he is a young visiter, even though not that young in age. I’m sure we are going to have an entertaining evening the three of us.

The other good thing of being at home, and living on the 3rd floor is the fantastic view at the fireworks lit in the city of Århus right from my window. My camera is waiting already.

I hope you all have a nice evening, and be careful with fireworks !

4 thoughts to “New Years Eve in Denmark”

  1. Hi Ingrid,

    I wish you a fun evening with your two asteemed guests. We’ll eat an oliebol in your name and Youp… you can buy the cd if you want… but I let you know if it was any good. Have fun and see you at the other end of midnight! All 365 of them!

    Sincerely yours,

  2. Jan – Thank You very much – I think my mother will record Youp. But yes let me know if it was any good. And the guests, they are great company.

    And we surely will meet again after midnight ;-)


  3. My mum always cooks/bakes oliebollen :)Their sooo jummy And yes.. I’m from Holland :)

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