Happy New Year !

Happy Newyear

new things
new places
new dreams
new faces
new sounds
new scents
new plans
new friends ?
new plays
new moves
new films
new grooves
new good
new bad
new happy
new sad
new games
new rules
new lovers
new fools
new joy
new tears
new courage
new fears
new songs
new dances
New Year
new chances !

I wish all of you, and when I say all, I mean ALL, the very best for 2006. Thank you for walking along on this weblog, and for commenting and sending mails, it makes it so much more fun to write.
And 2006 ? Well keep dreaming, and more important, keep chasing those dreams. I know I will. It will make it all worthwhile, and good things will happen. Be happy. Your life is now.


9 thoughts to “Happy New Year !”

  1. Hope you’ll enjoy all of the “new” on your elaborate list. I would have added “new opportunity” and I’m sure that you’ll find new friends, so I’d slash the question mark.

    I’m looking forward to NEW POSTS from the Girl in the Caf? !

    I wish you (all) a happy and healthy 2006 !

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