Denmark certainly is trying

Inspector Lynley - Nathaniel Parker
to convince the girl not to leave.

Although I haven’t really seriously been looking for a new job in Denmark, this last year, I did register my CV at several jobsites. But my experience with those sites is that you (the person looking for a job) should be the person to be active, and don’t expect the people having the job to hunt you down. I never got any response on my CV. And somehow I didn’t have the energy to hunt for a job. I understand why now, it just didn’t fit in the plan, the plan I didn’t know about at that moment, but I know it now. But anyway, I just checked my mail, and guess what. A company likes my CV and wants me to contact them. The company is in Copenhagen, and the job, well it is a job I certainly would have liked to have. But hey I am on my way to London, so it is just a bit too late. Typical.

Apart from that, I love Inspector Lynley. I find Nathaniel Parker quite charming, and hey, he is British. So I was happy when danish tv broadcasted some of the episodes in the fall, 45 minutes of Lynley per week. Me like – a lot. But now it seems like someone has told them that, because they are going completely crazy. They are really trying to change my mind. Yesterday 3,5 hour of Lynley. And if that wasn’t enough to convince me – today they are broadcasting Lynley’s episode Wellschooled Murder, which has, yes indeed, Bill in it. Bill is a rare sight on Danish tv, so this can’t be a coincidence. Tomorrow 1,5 hour of Lynley again. Who told them ?

But I am determined.

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