Let’s stop loving the stars for a while and write a boring piece about how things are going, with the London project. Well my flat is online now on the real estate homepage. And I actually was considering a little quiz about how many Bill Nighy references you could find on the pictures taken from my flat. But I decided not to. For one because I want to retain that last little amount of respect you still might have for me. But more importantly – this real estate system is tracking the number of visitors looking at my flat, and those statistics would be a bit worthless if people would go click around looking for Bill.

Tuesday will be a very important day. People who seem to be very interested in my flat will come and have a look at it. They are the first people actually coming over and see it. On the internet a lot of people have been looking at my flat, but not much more has happened apart from that. So I am exited, and cross my fingers. I don’t expect the first people looking at it buying it, but if they do I’ll have a big party, and you all are invited.

I also sent a first job application to London a few days ago, I haven’t heard anything yet, so I guess they weren’t interested. At least I have my CV in place now, so now it’s just a matter of writing a lot of applications, and hoping that I one day will be lucky.

At my work the news of my resignation and London move finally has been send out (it still was a secret for anyone except my bosses, and the people I had told anyway …) to everybody. And I have to say that it was nice to be considered cool and funky for a change by my colleagues, in stead of the usual “crazy nerdish dutch girl who loves tv-2 too much”. Life is good.

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  1. Yes I know, but many jobs go through recruitment companies, and in that way it is impossible to contact the companies that are searching, directly. Unfortunately !

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