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Say what ?

The Girl In The CafeThe Short Version:
I think this is a wonderful and important film that needs to be seen by as many people as possible. That’s why I decided to send my The Girl In The Cafe DVD on a tour. The Girl has been on tour for more than a year now, she has visited more than 60 people already, and is planning to visit people in 20 (and counting) different countries. If you want to participate all you have to do is send an email to be put on the list. And when the film gets to you, you watch it, write a review on your blog (or send it to me if you don’t have a blog) and send it to the next person on the list.

The mighty Bill Nighy has called this project “very cool” and “very admirable”. And writer Richard Curtis is “thrilled” about this project.

Have a look at where the girl has been and will go on the world map here.

I was amazed by the number of people who either don’t know this film at all or have heard of it but have not seen it. And since this film made a big impression on me, I thought it was a nice idea to share it, and have other people to see it too. It is not only a great romantic comedy, it’s also a film with an important message.

And apart from people not knowing the film (which is forgivable to a certain extent), there seem to be people around on this planet, believe it or not, who do not know who Bill Nighy is! Now that is what I would call an emergency situation, a situation I had to do something about.

The script for the film is written by award-winning screenwriter Richard Curtis. You probably know him from Notting Hill, Love Actually (!), Bridget Jones, Four Weddings and a funeral. He doesn’t need any further introduction does he. So you get Bill Nighy, Kelly McDonald in a film with a very important message, by Richard Curtis, it can’t get any better than that! You can watch it as a very amusing and well-played rom-com, and you can learn a bit about G8 and what’s going wrong in the world too.

So – The Girl In The Cafe promotion campaign was born, my The Girl In The Cafe DVD went travelling.

Is this a sleazy way to promote your blog?
No. You don’t even have to link to my blog if you don’t want to, you can still participate. I just want to promote an in my opinion important and also fantastic film, and also support and promote the campaign. Maybe you already know everything about G8, the millennium goals, and aid, debt and trade, good, you can still enjoy the film. Maybe you didn’t, great, I didn’t really know that much before I saw this film either, so maybe it will clear up some things about all this for you too. It did for me.

So now you want to see don’t you? (Of course you do!)
Easy, just send me a nice mail telling me that you want to be put on the list, and write your postal address. All it will cost you is a stamp to send it to the next person.

The film is in English, and does only have English subtitles.

The Rules
If you want to participate in this project, you accept the following simple rules:

  • You watch the film (wowee – this really is the best part of it all)
  • You write a review about this film on your weblog and send me a link to it. (In English would be very nice, but if that’s a problem, use your own language) If you don’t have a weblog, you can send your review to me by email, then I’ll post it here.
  • After you have seen the DVD you promise to pack the Girl nicely, give her a kiss on the cheek and send the DVD to the next person about a week after receiving it; I will supply you with the name and address. And please send me a mail after you have done so. (This just to keep track on where The Girl is hanging around)
  • You may not make a copy of the DVD. You may lend, but not keep.

Any questions, remarks, comments, complaints? Send me an e-mail.
That’s it! Anyone can join in ! And go spread the word !

More info

Where is The Girl now ? (check the map)

The Girl In The Cafe – the official site (You can see the trailer there)
Bill Nighy Filmography (For those wanting to know what else he has been in)
Make Poverty History

(Credits to for pushing me (gently) to do this.)

Love can’t change
what’s wrong in the world.
But it’s a start.

34 thoughts to “TGITC – on tour”

  1. This movie is why I have found this web site. I wanted to tell a friend about this great movie I saw. OK, originally I was looking for a picture of a sunfish, but the movie/your site I clicked away.

    Now I reckon it’s time my friend watched this, and how cool to say this is the way it came about.

    I’ll give you my address in Australia if I make the cut.



  2. Great idea for a grass-level campaign to build awareness of a worthwhile film. The same should be done for the DVD release of U93.

    It makes me think that someone should start a Bookcrossing for DVDs.

  3. Thanks.
    I know that nowadays everything can get downloaded or rented or Netflixed, but I liked to give it a personal approach. It was something I had to do, having a domain name like this. :-)

  4. I actually passed the suggestion on to Bookcrossing. If they respond favorably, I’ll be sure to give you credit and keep you posted.

  5. Hi girls and guys! I fell on your blog ? nice, if I may say so ? cause I’ve seen the film four times in a row (bought the DV), cause my 14-years old, movie-eater, sunny son told me it would be great to have it, cause he saw Nighy in Love Actually, cause he knew about Curtis’s G8 opinions, cause? Well, everything seems to relate one day in a kinda puzzle. And I guess he’s in love with nice girls like Kelly McDonald!
    For my part, this is probably one of the six ‘small’ best films (with La meglio giovent?, Remains of the Day, Se souvenir des belles choses, Elling, The Bridges of Madison County ? all apparently unrelated).
    Anyway, I like the way you do things on your side. Keep a goin’, girl!

  6. Hi Ewen – Comments like yours bring a very big smile on my face I can tell you.

    And lovely to see that your list of six small best films contains some of my favourites too : Remains of the Day and gosh Madison Country. I saw Elling too. Now that I think about it, Madison Country did provoke the same feelings in me as The Girl in The Cafe, (absolute frustration about the ending) beautiful. I need to see it again soon.
    Thanks for stopping by, all the best to you !

  7. I absolutely LOVED this film and I am so glad to see that there is a movement out there in the world to make sure that it is viewed by so many more people in the world.

    Last night, it won an Emmy Award. Hopefully, this will give it renewed exposure.

    I need to see it again soon, too!

    Best regards.

  8. id really love to see the movie and i love the idea aloooot im waiting for the movie to arrive over here im dying to watch it


  9. Thank you Ingrid for opening my eyes. I loved the film and am telling my friends to watch it. You’ll have a place in heaven. Tony42 :)

  10. Don’t need the movie. Actually found your site as I was shopping for a copy to purchase. This is an excellent film. Should be required viewing. View it – and then please take some form of action.

  11. Hi! I just chanced upon your blog whilst looking for theatre reviews on Shadowlands. I have added The Girl in the Cafe onto my rental queue and will definitely review it in my blog. Might even buy the DVD if I end up loving it!

    Kudos on your very chic and meaningful blog!

  12. As links lead- and there are no coincidences I’m here. I loved this movie! My husband fell asleep but I was talking about it for days afterward. I’ll let you know when my blog review is posted!

  13. Hi – Romania is not on the list yet, because nobody from Romania has signed up yet. If you are interested please do contact me! :)

  14. I had to go out of town almost immediately after receiving The Girl on Tour. First thing I did when I got back was watch this touring Girl — for about the 20th time. I know it sounds silly, to have watched it so many times on my own and then to participate as a stop on The Tour, but it made it immensely more fun than it already was. This delightful film is not only a pleasure in every way to watch, but it is ever-so socially relevant. Just as heard The Girl was on the way to me, the real G-8 was being held, and there was a flap about the lavish 27-course meals the participants were presented at their gatherings, surely worthy of the same type of bold and guileless commentary by Gina in the movie. If only she had been there in real life!

    Bill Nighy is an astonishingly talented actor, and he and Kelly Macdonald work together seamlessly as they have in the BBC productions of “State of Play.” I do not believe I have ever seen another male actor who could say as much through facial expression and body language without uttering a word. I heard he plays an aging rock star in another film that is amazing, but I don’t know the name of it. Anybody else out there who knows?

    The Girl in the Care is an amazing, beautiful, and in many ways perfect sleeper of a film. It was not widely publicized and most people I know have never heard of it even though they are cinema fans. It is realistic and yet inspires great hope, and is quite uplifting for hearts that cannot help but be heavy about the current affairs of the world. Bravo! 4 Stars!

    So, The Girl enjoyed a bit of time in Austin, Texas, and is on her way as I write this to Melle in Arizona!

  15. Hi Ingrid – Sorry for not getting back to you but have been having website email troubles. I sent the film on to Rebecca. She should be enjoying it right about now!

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