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Ok then, on special demand – this is my billboard (what are those things really called in English ??) at work. It’s a bit empty, because I threw out the calender for 2005 (a Vincent van Gogh one) but haven’t bought a new one, for obvious reasons.

It’s going quite well with the TGITC – on tour, 6 people are in the queue to receive the Girl in The Cafe at home. So you all need to be a bit patient, but she will knock on your door eventually, and hopefully knock you out too.

And since The Girl likes travelling a lot, she is even more exited now that she is going to fly by plane too. She is booked for a visit to the USA.

5 thoughts to “Billboard”

  1. I had the same problem with When it Falls

    I got a new cd from the CD WOW’ers, which didn’t solve the problem. To be honest I only hear 2 numbers on that cd : Home and Somersault (Both with Tina Dickow, a danish girl from ?rhus who moved to – oh London!). Somersault is one of my fav. numbers of all time. The rest of the cd isn’t that great.

    Oh and the translation – let me stick to Billboard then :-)

  2. No wait a second – I got a Bill association from you Zero 7 post. Damien Rice – “O” – the song Cold Water is even higher on my fav. number list of all time list, and is one of the 2 songs featured in The Girl In The Cafe.

    And there you go the ImprobaBILLity drive made the circle close again.

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