Jobhunting II

And so my phone rang. And I picked it up and said hello. And he said hello Ingrid. And he had a London accent. And my heart started beating a bit faster. And he had gotten my application and CV. And he said that he had 2 potential jobs. And he asked if he could send my cv on to those companies. And I said yes please do – I never can refuse anything to people talking british anyway – and he said ok then. And that he would get back to me. And I asked him what my chances were for finding a job in London. And he said –


And the girl is extremely relieved, very happy and is doing a very stupid dance in her livingroom as we speak.

8 thoughts to “Jobhunting II”

  1. Congratulations Ingrid…

    I see forward to your post about you getting a job ;)

    I am responsible for hiring in our development department… And if two candidates where equally qualified for the job, one woman and one male, I would actually this time pick the woman… My former female colleages have made a great impression of the (very few) women actually active developing…

    I dont think you’ll have a problem finding a job, especially with a background within the MS .NET platform. It stands for the greatest part of dev. jobs availible (at least here in denmark as you’ve probably allready knew).

  2. That post makes me think about a TV-2 song, but I just can’t put my finger on which one…. Some “he said, she said” song.

    What are you going to do with your Danish now that you don’t need it ?

    Good luck with your jobhunt !

  3. That song you probably mean is Tidens Kvinder. meget passende.

    But my danish, well I will still need it running the website. And I will keep it in my head somewhere, I have been here for too long to completely forget it. And all those tv-2 cd’s I have (an other danish cd’s) not a chance that I’ll forget how to speak danish :-)

  4. Wooooooooooohooooooooooo! Go Girl! Go Girl! Go Girl!
    *doing his morning ritual dance greeting the sun … but hey! … it’s still dark out there!*

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