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The Girl In The CafeThis post is mainly for all the people who come here looking for information about the soundtrack from The Girl In The Cafe.

The bad news is, there isn’t any official soundtrack available. But the good news is that you can find the 2 songs that make up 90% of the soundtrack of this film.

2 songs from the soundtrack of the Girl of the Cafe that made an everlasting impression:

Sigur Ros – Starálfur (islandic for Staring Elf) from the album ágætis byrjun (”an alright start”). (Download Starálfur free and legal from Sigur Ros’ website : click here).

Damien Rice – Cold Water from his album O. You can watch a videoclip of a live version of this song here.

The song that’s playing as they walk down the corridor to the hotel room on their first night in Reykjavik is ‘Somewhere there’s an Island’ by Seaman Dan. You can hear a sample of it here.

The beautiful movie soundtrack is composed by Nicholas Hooper, who also will compose music for the upcoming Harry Potter movie : Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Nicholas Hooper has also composed music for other Nighy delights like State of Play and The Young Visiters.

Nicholas Hooper won a BAFTA Award in 2006 for Best Original Music for The Girl In The Cafe.

Hope this helps.

If you want to get the DVD, you can find it here on Amazon.

37 thoughts to “The Girl In The Cafe Movie – soundtrack”

  1. An extraordinary song, a melody that empowers the senses.
    How appropriate for this most important movie.

  2. Excellent to find this music! I was hynotized by not only the movie, but the music as well – thanks.

  3. ufff, what a relief. Star?lfur its also the song from the Jaguar Shark scene in the movie The Life Aquatic . Thanx, Looks like i wasnt the only one who liked it

  4. Thank you so much for listing Sigur Ros’ song, “Staralfur” for this wonderful film. I love this enigmatic song and couldn’t find it, then last night I heard it toward the end of the film “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” but it wasn’t listed on the Soundrack. I appreciate your letting us know the title and composer of this eerily beautiful and moving song.

  5. A great song for two great movies! Thank you for making it available and for keeping this site!

  6. Thanks for helping me find information on the soundtrack of this great movie! Do you know what is the song that plays right while the movie is starting? When the credits are still rolling?

    Thank you!

  7. What a fabulous, thought provoking, funny, brilliantly acted and written film!!!!
    The sound track was perfect for the film. Why was it not credited and why hasn’t this film been nominated for every award possible.

  8. @Graeme – happy to read you liked the film as well!

    The film has been nominated for several awards, and has quite a few of them.

    Richard Curtis got an Emmy for his writing, Kelly MacDonald got an Emmy for her acting, David Yates an Emmy for directing. And both Bill Nighy and Kelly MacDonald were nominated for a Golden Globe (which they unfortunately didn’t win)

  9. For those of you who really enjoy Sigur Ros’ Staralfar, I think you’ll also enjoy Ba Ba, also by Sigur Ros. It’s on the album BA BA TI KI DI DO. I received this song as part of iTunes ESSENTIALS collection called “Meditation Music – The Basics”. Every time I hear Ba Ba, it reminds me to TGITC. Just today I decided to see if I could find the soundtrack to TGITC, which lead me to this web site and the link to Staralfar.

    I love it when the Internet comes together like this!

    I also love TGITC.

  10. I see last night “The girl in the cafe” and to day I feel diferent …
    in my language ” EXCEPTIONAL TOTUL !!!!”

  11. luv ya for this site. having trouble downloading cold water, any suggestions? take care everyone.

  12. hey where i can get all songs of this movie? and thanks for shareing this 2 songs……..

  13. Thanks for providing this information. What’s wrong with HBO that they don’t even credit the music titles/performers on the DVD?

  14. Hi Just watched this exquistely haunting movie. Loved the soundtrack. Can anyone tell me the name of the ‘classical piece’ that played I think)when he met her in the restaurant. I’ve heard the piece before but cannot put a name to it. Would be grateful for any leads.

  15. Thanks for providing all the info which wasn’t provided in the credits!
    Much appreciated, going straight out to buy Sigur Ros’ album.

  16. @Katine: I have to watch the film again and will have a listen!

    @Cass you are very welcome. That Sigur Ros album is beautiful by the way, I bough it after watching this film too, fantastic music.

  17. Hi,
    the song that his daughter sings at her graduation… is that a real song?? If so does anybody know who wrote it??
    Thanks :o)

  18. Just rewatch this film yesterday

    How come there’s no official release for such beautiful score? i was a bit disappointed:(

    Anyway, i really enjoy the movie, the character and the music

  19. I just saw this movie again today and I was wondering is it possible to find anywhere the melody themes from the film. For example the one that plays when Lawrence is making a tea two times, getting ready to call Gina..

  20. It has been too long since you’ve been thanked for providing this information. We just saw TGITC at my film club and longed for the soundtrack.

    Here you are to help us understand what we can and cannot have.

    Well done. Thanks.

    Somebody ought to tell you that in 2011! I’ve nominated myself. THANKS!

  21. It’s October 2011, I’ve just seen TGITC. I loved it. Now I am making my friend look at it as I type. What a wonderful movie. And yes, I was googling to find info about the soundtrack and music artists. So thank you for providing this information.

    I <3 Bill Nighy which is how I even happened upon this film. I was on Netflix watching anything that had him in it.

  22. Thank you for this post! It’s 2013 already, and I’ve just watched this amazing movie. Love it, and love the soundtrack. Thank you from all people who found your page and found out more about the music from the movie – you did a big thing. Thank you!

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