Memoirs of a Geisha (8/10)

Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)Memoirs of a Geisha tells the story of, Nitta Sayuri, who transcended her fishing-village roots and became one of Japan’s most celebrated geisha.

Well this film has been nominated for both Bafta’s Golden Globes and will probably also be nominated for Oscars. It’s a big production, but I have to say it is so beautifully shot. There are some really fantastic shots and the colours are amazing, it’s like watching a beautiful photograph exhibition. So for me, if someone should win an Oscar for this film, it should be the director of photography. You could actually watch this film for it’s pictures, it’s a joy for the eyes, and walk completely satisfied out of the cinema. But there is also a story, a story about this somewhat hidden and secret world of the Japanes Geisha culture, and that story is interesting enough to make this a film worth watching too.

Yes, go see it. It might be a girl film though.

Directed by: Rob Marshall (Chicago)
Cast : Ziyi Zhang (disappointing to see that her blue eyes in the film actually were contactlenses!), Ken Watanabe

Talking about cheating. I am a regular customer of Cinemaxx in ?rhus, it’s my second home and I would nearly say that I have been there so many times, that I have paid for one of their screens. They have this silly system that they only check your ticket when you come into the building. After that you are yourself responsible for finding the right film and screen (they have 8). That has made me think before. So yesterday I saw the Geisha film at 12.30. That’s early, but I needed to leave my appartment because people came looking at it. And after the Geisha, I thought – what if. What if I just stay, and watch another movie, for free. After a short discussion with my conscience – I stayed, and watched Narnia again. This time with excellent sound, and on the biggest screen they have in Cinemaxx, which is huge. It certainly was cool to see James McAvoy this size, but despite a much better film experience, Narnia did not score any more points than last time, 7/10.

How bad a person am I really ?

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  1. Just to be clear on this matter : this was a one time only thing :-) And there were nearly no people watching Narnia anyway.

  2. There are no accidents, there is no co-incedence, there is no guild… there is only Love and the way Home.

    Walk it.

  3. I cherish the words that I write when I find them, because I do…

    I do not steal or borrow… all that I write originates from my own hand… but I do feel the Great Writer in the Sky inspires me… so in answer to your question there is no real answer… I can only say that the words are sincere and ment to uplift and therefore a token of Love. And I do hope you feel it’s warmth when you read it.

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