Isn’t that the day of … chart
No I cannot say that it came completely unexpected, this call. It was B.
What was going on, he asked.
And I said, B. !, long time no hear.
And he said, well, you know, Pirates, Vampires, I’ve been busy. But what’s going on ? I just checked your stats, and while I was under the impression that I was on a secure 5th place, I suddenly see I got overhauled by some-other-actor.
And I said, *cough*, uhm, well, *cough*, uhm, I got carried away a bit.
But you know you are number one, always, don’t doubt that.

He mumbled a bit. And asked me if I knew that, although living in London, mr. Spacey wasn’t even an englishman ?
And I said yes, I know that, don’t worry about it, it doesn’t mean anything!

And he said, well all right then.
So – I got you a jobinterview.
And I nearly choked in my tea. Jobinterview I stumbled, what do you mean ? I …
Yes, 14th of February, in North London. Be there.
And I said – oh – I don’t know what to say. Thank …
And he said – don’t mention it.

And I said the 14th of February. Isn’t. That. The. Day. Of. Love. Actually.

But he was already gone.

12 thoughts to “Isn’t that the day of …”

  1. Well you should never judge a book by the cover, but I just knew they were headbangers just by looking at them. Very funny Dan … :-)
    There is only one rocker for me, and his name is Billy Mack.

  2. I was waiting for a comment like that from you George. I am cured from Coldplay fever though. But now it’s Cullum and Spacey in stead. Which is quite well-timed, as I am going to see him (Jamie) in ?rhus next monday. But my music taste is changing, am I getting older after all ? :-)

  3. No this is just a period I am in. I get obsessed with some music, play it really much in a short period, get tired of it, and move on to the next. The really good ones I never get tired of, will stay though. :-)

  4. Dropping Coldplay in favour of that winer Cullum doesn’t help even a tiny little bit :)

    And I am glad I react just the way people expect me to :)

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