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Memes are just a way to get out of your writersblog. And while you might think that all is fun and all is good, there are days where I am worried. Worried if everything will fall in place, if I can find a job, if I get my flat sold. And worried about a 100 other things. And all this with only 37 days left. On those days, memes are the easy way out. SO – here you go. The 4 things meme.

Four Jobs You?ve Had In Your Life:

  • Newspaper delivery girl
  • Oliebollen salesgirl at the fair
  • A multimap constructor girl (and I really have no idea what a multimap is called in english, a filer ?)
  • Programmer girl :-)

Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over:

  • The Girl In The Cafe (heeeee)
  • All other movies with Bill Nighy
  • Groundhog Day
  • Notting Hill

Four Places You?ve Lived:

  • IJsselstein (NL)
  • Soest (NL)
  • Huizen (NL)
  • Aarhus (DK)

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:

  • State of Play
  • The Office
  • Extras
  • Inspector Lynley

Four Places You?ve Been On Vacation:

  • Illulisat, Greenland
  • Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Antigua, Guatemala
  • Bakau, The Gambia

Four Of Your Favorite Foods:

  • Pizza (a veggie one)
  • Mexican food like burritos
  • Icecream !!
  • Kroketten

Four Places You?d Rather Be:

  • in a new job, in London
  • in the Odeon Cinema, Leicester square, London
  • drinking a cup of tea with him in the cafe in London
  • the London Underground

Four Albums/Singles You Can?t Live Without:

  • Billy Mack – Christmas is All around
  • Kevin Spacey – Beyond the Sea
  • Freaky Realistic – Koochie Ryder
  • TV-2 – Yndlingsbabe

Four things you find yourself say a lot:

  • Right
  • Shit (and the F word)
  • Goodness
  • Holy crap

And I am not going to tag anyone. Go for it if you like.
PS I love all those Gravatars !
PS2 HA – I just saw that I got tagged by Robtheblob for this meme. I must be psychic, ’cause I already had written this before I knew that.

6 thoughts to “4 things”

  1. Soest? I used to live there! I knew there’d be one thing we shared, since I just don’t like your music :)

  2. Well George, I’m glad. But :-)
    But what if I tell you that Soest wasn’t exactly the most exiting place to live, if you ask me. ;-)

  3. Hmm… the only people I know that lived in Soest moved away from there…. You might have something there, Ingrid.

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