Why I love London, truly, deeply, madly

I joined a theatre group in London (just got the confirmation today), and while I could use some more than 32 days to get all the practicals things in place here in Denmark, I wish I was in London tomorrow to get started with this group.

This is what “we” are going to do:

Initially we’ll be doing various confidence and ice breaking games and adding in improvisation, script reading and then working towards rehearsing a script. With a potentially large group we’ll be breaking up in to smaller groups on the night to allow more experienced people to work together or to lead smaller groups of less experienced people and this will help us integrate people as they join us.

The intention of this group is to provide a fun, sociable outlet for people with an interest in drama and to make it comfortable for those with no experience in drama to find out what it’s like whilst also giving some great opportunities to those with more experience. The plan is to consider a number of opportunities including producing an internet film, a stage show in a Notting Hill theatre (there are a couple) and also starting a group for those wanting more serious amateur dramatics activity.

Outside of the normal drama group nights we’re looking at organising going to see a BBC production being filmed as part of the audience, theatre previews and once we’re established I’ll be inviting experienced directors, actors and other talent to come and talk to the group.

I simply can’t wait to get to London, and I will join the group on the 14th February (which is becoming an even more important day now). After that 2 weeks back to Denmark, to definetely join them the beginning of March.

I pressed play
and am currently, well you know what I am doing. And the smile on my face is huge.

5 thoughts to “Why I love London, truly, deeply, madly”

  1. It is plain to see for any observer here on this site that your focus has shifted from doing away with all the ties that bind you in Denmark towards attaching yourself and your destiny to London.
    It is remarkable to sit here and read the changes that you so obviously are undergoing. It should not suprise me at all. But honestly, I must have doozed off and been off guard cause the realisation suddenly hit me.

    You are leaving, aren’t you… Funny how a mind works…

  2. I hope you don’t mind me asking – but where is your theatre group in London please? I would love to join something similar. Also how did it go – you seem to have posted this 1 year ago!
    Best wishes,

  3. Ehrm, I left them rather quickly after I joined, as I found out that I am more a film than a theater person. When it comes to producing it that is.

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