If you can’t get to London yet

let London come to you.

I know that several people are going to puke (again) because of my music taste, I couldn’t care less. Thing is that this Brit (and Londoner too if I’m not completely mistaken) has been entertaining my ears for quite a while now, and I would glady let him romantisize, the beauty of their London skies . Especially live.

And when you make an album called “Catching Tales” you can’t do any wrong with me, that’s what I do for a living. I look forward to see and hear him in Musikhuset tonight. Probably the last concert in that beautiful place (very good sound, and very nicely designed), for a long time (never say never).

Nothing is certain except everything you know can change,
you worship the sun but now,
can you fall for the rain…

6 thoughts to “If you can’t get to London yet”

  1. I was ordered to the Heineken Music Hall, a few weeks ago, to make some photos of this dork. I was so happy security kicks all the photographers out of the door after three numbers since I was on the verge of a nervous brakedown. All Jamie’s fault.

  2. I’ve got an idea. Maybe you should listen to the new Richard Ashcroft (yes, former frontman of The Verve). I think you like it. Just imagine what I think of that record :-)))))))

  3. @George – I have heard his new single on London radio, but I am not that impressed. Bitter Sweet Symphony I liked of the Verve, but that was about it. So you probably love Richard Aschcroft.

    I can’t believe you like Teitur though !! We have that in common at least, musicwise.

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