Jamie Cullum meltet the ice in Århus

Jamie Cullum
I have been to quite some concerts, but this definetely was one of the best ever, if not the best. I once saw a concert with Jamie Cullum on tv, and I admit, that you quickly can get the impression that he is one spoiled brat. The way he is moving around stage, his jumping from his piano, his dancing around on stage and all that. But giving the guy a second chance – this is not a spoiled boy. This is an extraordinary musician with the passion for his music running through his veins. And I happen to like people with passion.

All the fine people of Århus came to this concert, in their nice clothes. The musichall was sold out, and I was curious about where this was going. After half an hour, the men had taken of their jackets, all women were screaming and everybody was standing and dancing and clapping. There was this rare connection between the artist and his audience, and I am sure that everybody could sense that, both on and in front of the stage. There was truly magic in the air.

Yes Jamie is a Londoner. And yes I would have bought a t-shirt, if they had accepted credit cards, but they did not. And no this wasn’t the last time I have seen him live, that’s for sure.

A 10/10 for this concert.

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  1. I heard Jamie at the Roskilde festival last summer when he played at the Arena stage. It’s a really huge tent that probably holds 10-12.000 people and it was packed. Three men at the huge stage playing jazz and the audience really loved it. I was a bit late for the show and when I heard the amount of screaming and cheering from the tent I tought I missed Jamie Cullum and it was another band playing – but no, this “kid” at the piano really got something – especially live.

    Hope to see you at Train or Voxhall before you leave Denmark

  2. He is no Ozzy for sure…

    Being a musician myself I can nothing but admire the talent this dude possess (how is that freaking word spelled? :D), but the music he plays is not for me….

    And for the record Ozzy is british as well, is he like – ehhh – your thing also Ingrid? hehe…

  3. @Dan – no Ozzy – he is a living zombie. Now I do like zombies but only if they get played by Bill Nighy in Shaun of the Dead :-)

    But I understand that Jamie Cullums music isn’t for everybody, but I’m glad that you appreciate him as a musician. Because he truly is a fantastic musician.

    @Jan : Pity you weren’t there yesterday, it was so fantastic! And I doubt we’ll meet in Train or Voxhall before I leave. I leave soon, and most of my weekendevenings are planned for tv-2 concerts :-(

  4. Ozzy is a living GOD… Thats why he is like he is hehe…

    Im actually really fond of a dutch artist… I think Anouk is very very very cool, and Im not thinking of her album with the international hit “Nobody’s wife” as 9 out of 10 here in Denmark combine her with…

  5. I stumbled upon your website searching for pictures with Jamie Cullum from Musikhuset in Aarhus, because I was too at this amazing concert. Despite that he was seek, and the show was delayed, didn’t matter to me. I managed to bootleg the show, buy a T-shirt, buy a songbook, and was the only one to get Jamie’s signature!!! (It looks terrible by the way:-))
    I’m a musician myself, and likes talent when I see it. I’m not particular into jazz, but more into the rockabilly/swing/punk/rock’n’roll kinda scene…
    But yeah, he’s great!

  6. I don’t think Jamie is particulary Jazz, he has his own style. Yes this was a great concert, I am still waiting for my chance to catch him live here in London!

  7. hi Chris D. Wildcat,

    i’m a big jamie fan , so i’m intressted in the bootleg from Jamie’s gig.
    can we make a deal?

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