Easy Mobile ?

I found my passport.

And after 10 faxes, 16(!) emails, and one phonecall (because I was really tired of it) I got a little bit closer to becoming a Londoner. I have my UK mobilephone number.

Now this was supposed to be one of the easy things on my list. But after this I don’t even dare to think about how much of a hassle the other things are going to be …

4 thoughts to “Easy Mobile ?”

  1. One thing at a time..you’ll get there.
    day by day..closer and closer. : )
    Determination will get you there.

  2. My passport was in my backpack, left there the last time I travelled which was a short christmastrip to Holland. Quite an obvious place, but it took some time to figure that out … (that’s me in a nutshell)

    The phonenumber- yes it’s cool – it’s a cool number for several reasons! :-)

    @girlatwork : thanks for the positive words :-)

  3. Ah, so no ‘identificatieplicht’ in DK? What a nice country, the idea that anyone would want to leave it ;-) But well hey, problems are prenatal anecdotes ;-)

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