The Girl In The Cafe travels on

The Girl In The CafeThe Girl In The Cafe has left Amsterdam and is travelling on to the next participant in TGITC on tour project, which is Noviolog. has written about the film (in Dutch) , and I am pleased to read that he loved it!

If you would like to participate in The Girl In The Cafe on tour project, you can read about here, and join. (It doesn’t matter where you live).

All it will cost you is a stamp to send the film to the next person, 2 hours to watch this beautiful film, and 15 minutes to write a review about it.

Love can’t change
what’s wrong in the world.
But it’s a start.

12 thoughts to “The Girl In The Cafe travels on”

  1. Being a language freak, I’ve just sent an e-mail to the Postbank to complain about the fact that they keep on replacing “ij” by “y” (which is not correct) in the address on letters they send. They did this when I lived in Nijmegen (“Nymegen”), and they’re doing it still now that I live in Cuijk (“Cuyk”).

    You’ll probably get the point of this comment :-) Of course I forgive you, knowing that you are probably getting more and more into English, which hasn’t got any “ij”, but could you please change “Cuyk” into “Cuijk”? Hopefully, this will convince the guys at Postbank to do the same thing! ;-)

  2. Consider it done :-) I know about the Postbank problem, some of my Postbank mail still gets send to IJsselstein which they spell Ysselstein, which is ridiculous. But to be honest, I actually thought that Cuijk was spelled Cuyk. I remember it now !
    And – I hope you like the film :-)

  3. And after Cuijk the movie will travel to another place with IJ! Don’t make me wait too long Novio…

  4. Ah, je hebt het meisje als doorgestuurd. Heb het inderdaad even te druk met mijn eigen meisje. Moet je mij maar na Anne invoegen :-)

  5. As in… Have you seen “Simon” yet?
    As well as in… When do I get my copy of “The girl in the caf?”

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