The Girl – in a lot of cafe’s !

The GirlThe GirlThe GirlThe Girl

I don’t know exactly where I got the inspiration from, it suddenly was there. OK this triggered me a bit, and so did this film and this one too. I got ideas from listening to music, and many of them are a direct interpretation of a song. Making them absolutely relaxes me, and is something that seems to tame the bouncing balls for a short while, which is rather nice.

After making quite a lot of them, I got (another) very crazy idea. Wouldn’t it be really cool to leave Denmark, leaving behind some kind of Goodbye (and thanks for all the fish) note. After my London decision I have learned that silly ideas sometimes can have great results, so I contacted Go-card. Go-Card is a free postcard service, distributing postcards to all the cafe’s in Denmark. Most of them are commercial postcards, but they do support artists too, and give them a chance to publish their work for free through these postcards.

Now I am not an artist at all, and I can’t really draw either as you can see. But I got blinded by passion and enthusiasm and send them some samples of my postcards. A few days later the Go Card girl wrote me back, telling me that she really loved the cards, that they were very cute, but that she had to discuss it with here team members. That could take up to 4 weeks.

It only took 2. Yesterday I got the mail, and they are not going to publish 1 postcard – they are going to publish 10 different ones! A whole series of Girls in really a lot of cafe’s in Denmark ! The cards will be released during a 2 year period, and will become available in the cafe’s one by one, so not all at the same time.

Apart from loads of my cards appearing in cafe’s all over the country, I will get at least 500 cards per motive (x 10 = 5000 postcards!) for my own personal use.

But – this means I am very busy making them ready. They need to be transformed to files that the printerfirm can use to print them, which means a lot of fiddling with Photoshop (I hate that program – it’s too complicated!). I also need to design the backsite of the cards, and the cards will get a very light background color (different pastels on different cards) in stead of being plain white (this was a wish from GoCard, because it will make them more attractive – and I’ll do whatever they ask me anyway). I will get some help from one of my colleagues from the graphic department at my work to make them printer ready. I don’t know exactly when they will be printed, it might take a while, but they are going to be put in the pipeline over at Go-Card soon.

I can’t think of a better, nicer, cuter, cooler, groovier way to say Goodbye to Denmark and I really can’t believe they are going to print not only one, but 10 of them!

Love Actually – on a postcard – with The Girl In The Cafe. What more could I wish for ?

20 thoughts to “The Girl – in a lot of cafe’s !”

  1. Wat ontzettend gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean: That’s so coooooooooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!

    Ze zijn ook echt heel erg leuk.

  2. Thanks to all of you :-)

    @Novio – No I won’t forget to add my URL on the backsite, actually I am free to design the back of the card as I want, as long as the Go-Card logo is on it.

    And no it is no reason to stay in Denmark, this is my farewell present to Denmark. And had I not taken the London decision, this would never have happened, so I simply need to go to London – if only to check what crazy things I can do over there. :-)

  3. @George – I know – I am not that far yet, and it is giving me a headache, because I need to do things with it now – and I don’t have much time :-( I don’t find it an intiutive program, to say it nicely.

    @Anne – I’ll see if I can organize some kind of postal service. So I can send a set of cards over to people who want some (if they can send a selfaddressed envelope and a stamp for it to me that is :-)

  4. @Ingrid: And where should we get UK stamps? ;-P And have you considered drawing your pictures on canvas? If they are suitable for art-on-a-card, then they might just aswell be perfect for in a museum! (and since the Goldstikker collection has been returned, the walls of Dutch museums will be empty soon!)

  5. @Novio – ever heard about IRC ? :-)

    They will do for stamps in the UK. ( I have tried that before actually)

    And they are not art-on-card (even though I like the term), they are silly drawings on card :-)

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