Cool Brits : David Tennant

David Tennant
David Tennant

This is David Tennant, and he is one cool British actor. I already wrote this post a couple of days ago, so I could use it on a day where I either had no inspiration at all, or was too busy to write. Today is a day in the second category. The Girl cards are taking up all of my freetime at the moment.

I had a bit more to say about David, but I can imagine that you are not interested in him at all, in that case you can just watch his picture, and wait for better times. But one thing more, David is a Scot. So watch picture and imagine him talking with this delicious accent, or even better hear him talk (click on David Tennant in the right down corner) .

Or you can read on if you like ramblings about Dr. Who and such. I know at least one person who does.

I knew David Tennant already before I knew that he had become the new Dr. Who. Or is becoming, because they are broadcasting the first real episode on the 15th of april 2006, 7. pm on BBC1. And yay for being in London already there, or at least my DVD recorder is, because I will be in Holland watching another shooting star.

But I discovered David Tennant in He Knew He Was Right (BBC drama – with Bill Nighy, indeed), where he played a pretty funny character, there is something comical about him, he caught my attention, and my AnTennant was turned on.

And I suddenly saw him in Blackpool (BBC) which is a weird combination of drama, thriller and musical (with David Morrisey from State of Play), were he was very cool.

And now there is Dr. Who. After only a year with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th doctor, David Tennant is going to be the 10th doctor. I haven’t been interested in Dr. Who for years. I am amazed that Dr. Who is still alive on screen. I watched it when I was a kid, and only remember Dr. Who being played by Tom Baker, with his long coloured skarf and curly hair. But to my amazement, I just found out, that he already was Doctor number 4 ! And checking the list of the previous doctors, I have to say that only Christopher Eccleston (he sure got something sure) and David Tennant are the only ones really having it. Having what ? No idea. The coolness of playing the doctor I guess.

So with David Tennant coming up, I also know what to do with my saturday evenings from the 15th of april. I will be glued to the screen, and watch him flying in his pathetic Tardis fighting aliens which are even more hilarious than the Vogons.

And it’s so BBC to have a science fiction series like this. I mean who came up with the idea to let the Doctor fly around in a typical British telephoneboot. Dr. Who seems to have a very Hitchhikers Guide of the Galaxy like touch of Science Fiction attached to it. Maybe not so surprising that Douglas Adams has written some episodes for the older series of Dr. Who. It’s way late to suddenly rediscover this cool Doctor, but hey, better late than never. And it first became interesting again after they casted cool guys like Eccleston and Tennant, so I didn’t miss that much anyway.

You can wake up now. This was your daily dose of boredom.

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  1. I’m glad that the show continues. After Christopher Eccleston left I thought it would stop. You can understand how happy I was when the BBC aired the ‘Christmas special’ with David Tennant as the new ‘new Doctor Who’.
    Now I only have to wait about 60 days until the new series start.

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