Absolute Sillyness

Got the idea here.
Google “Unfortunately Your first Name”, and see what comes out of that. Well a lot of sillyness, that’s for sure :

Unfortunately, Ingrid did not dote on Harold. (she saw him as nothing more than a convenient bread basket).
(Oh – I’m sorry Harold)

Unfortunately, Ingrid leaves on Monday, so we have only a couple more days to practice this,
(How did Google know that !!)

Unfortunately, Ingrid, who has switched jackets with Lisa, is kidnapped and Lisa is locked in a supply room.

Unfortunately, Ingrid is usually behind the bar with you. You spend at least an hour each day waxing the counter.
(Behind the bar ok, but who are you ??)

Unfortunately Ingrid has not been able to complete that electoral campaign because on 23 rd february 2002 her life is changed. (Oh I am a bit behind schedule)

Unfortunately Ingrid spoke very, very little English.
(Well it’s not that bad is it)

Unfortunately, Ingrid and Steve’s first night here was extremely hot.
(Who is Steve ??)

Unfortunately Ingrid, we are out of time, do you have any last words for those that have joined us tonight?
(Yes Love + Rock baby !)

Unfortunately Ingrid does have one ‘flaw’ – she doesn’t bake me gluten free cakes.
(No of course I don’t – did you ever taste them ?)

Unfortunately, Ingrid didn’t bring the cable connecting the digicam with the computer.
(Hee man, you forgot to tell me !)

Unfortunately Ingrid had already sold her apartment in Munich to live with her husband in Switzerland.
(Uhm – husband ??)

Unfortunately Ingrid skips the entire foundation for her argument and moves on to constructing the first floor.
(Yeah – get busy !)

Unfortunately, Ingrid had a bad day, which everyone has at one time or another.

Have a nice weekend. (this one not coming from google, but from the real Ingrid).

3 thoughts to “Absolute Sillyness”

  1. Fortunately, Ingrid managed to make this rather useless flow of made up events into something nice and worth reading.

    And the same to you, my dear, yours truly,

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